do u ever just lay in bed at night and wonder why no one wants to kiss u


5.18 “The Back Up Plan” DL: Right-click » “Save Link As…”

  1. Doo Wop (That Thing) (Glee Cast Version)
  2. Piece of My Heart (Glee Cast Version feat. Shirley MacLaine)
  3. Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)
  4. The Rose (Glee Cast Version)
  5. Wake Me Up (Glee Cast Version)


AU: Dean is in a minor accident when hit by Castiel’s car. Dean decides that Cas should buy him dinner to apologise, and the two form an unexpected friendship. 


I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.




Dean and Cas cuddling every night before they go to bed. Their limbs so wrapped up together that they can’t tell where one body begins and the other ends. They always stare into each other’s eyes for the longest time, foreheads touching and noses just brushing; grinning at each other like the two lovesick puppies they are. Then they kiss lazily, until one or both of them fall asleep. Usually Dean falls asleep first and Cas watches him with a sweet smile on his face, taking in how extremely beautiful Dean looks while he’s sleeping. The soft rise and fall of his chest and the peacefulness that covers his face, not a muscle tense with worry or fear. However, Cas’s human eyes eventually get droopy and he snuggles into Dean, curling his arms tighter around the other man’s body embracing his warmth. Then Cas leans in and presses a chaste kiss against Dean’s lips and a whispered, “I love you,” before drifting off to sleep with a happy smile on his face. 


“Damn it, Dean.”

He thinks of the resigned way Cas said it. You can tell they’ve known each other a long time now. Cas just expects Dean to fuck up and disappoint him. He’s got a solid grasp on the routine, at least.

Dean twists his beer bottle around, rolling the cold glass against his palm until the label’s soaked through with condensation and wrinkling off the glass. He wonders if he should peel the label off, the way he did for the whiskey and the first few beers. There’s a host of naked bottles on the kitchen table. They’re standing next to their wilted labels, which are piled up like dirty laundry. It’s harder to see the edges of the label on the bottle in his hands. There’s no more daylight filtering through the high windows—not that there was ever much, the grass is so damn tall outside the bunker—and he hasn’t bothered to get up and turn on the lights.

Dean focuses on the words. Damn it, Dean. Definitely two separate words for damn it. Cas is still a little too uptight to say dammit.

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Some dreams are bigger than others. Me being on Broadway? That’s a big dream. Me being on Broadway in Funny Girl as Fanny Brice, inheriting the mantle of my idol, Miss Barbra Streisand? That’s the culmination of every dream I’ve ever had.


ROADTRIP: Vancouver, Supernatural set visit (April 21st)

It was our last day in Vancouver and we had completely given up hope of catching any Supernatural filming. So, on Monday morning, as we were visiting their previous filming locations in the Delta area (where many parts of the show were filmed, such as the crossroad scenes, Roadhouse exteriors and the gas station bit where Castiel first speaks to Dean), we accidentally bumped into a location sign.. 

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Fun fact I’m an insecure piece of shit who constantly checks to see if all the people I’m mutuals with are still following me


dean yelling cas’s name during sex with a one night stand and being so aggressively pissy about it after, stomping around like

piece of shit attractive fucking angel and his dumb fucking eyes what th e fuck ASSHOLE can’t even let me fuck in peace


New Picture of Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson